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You are one dynamite gal.

Sergeant Calhoun

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Here’s a sure-fire way to know that you hate women: when an incident of intimate partner violence in which a man knocks a woman unconscious gains national attention and every question or comment you think to make has to do with her behavior, you really hate women. Like, despise.

There is no other explanation. There is no ‘I need all the facts.’ There is no excuse. You hate women. Own it.

Now, you probably don’t believe you hate women. You probably honestly think you’re being an objective observer whose only interest is the truth. You are delusional.

Mychal Denzel Smith, "How to Know that You Hate Women"

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Supernatural: A Summary

Sam/Dean: You lied to me.
Dean/Sam: I’m sorry.
Sam/Dean: Sorry’s not good enough.
Dean/Sam: But– we’re family.
Sam/Dean: I forgive you, but no more lies.
Dean/Sam: I promise.

*Next Season*

Sam/Dean: You lied to me.

Cas: brb gotta figure out this shit with the Angels

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Please choose your own favorite way to describe these gifs:

  • The Tenth Doctor putting on the Fifth Doctor’s coat
  • David Tennant putting on Peter Davison’s Doctor’s coat
  • David Tennant putting on his father-in-law’s coat
  • A Doctor Who fan putting on the coat belonging to one of his favorite Doctors
  • Father of The Doctor’s Daughter putting on the coat belonging to the father of The Doctor’s Daughter
  • Complete Doctor Who coat awesomeness

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Selfie (pilot)

-Come on, I just wanna change my image. -You mean, be a better person-Or that.

I just saw the character names. This is seriously a “My Fair Lady”/”Pygmalion” remake.

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One day, Dean Winchester will understand why I keep giving Castiel back to him.

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